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Introducing Wellness at Work

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hot topic right! More now than ever, addressing and supporting the wellness of your team is so important.

Wellness is holistic and covers all sorts of areas including; Health, Family, Wealth, Community, Personal Growth and many more.

It’s about culture and visions. It’s about community and team spirit. It’s about fun and growth!

But how can I make it happen I hear you ask. Well, follow these basic steps to get you on the right tracks;

  • Start with an easy survey to see how employees feel about health and wellness and where they are in their journey personally and in the workplace.

  • Seek out volunteer ‘wellness ambassadors’ to support the process and be your advocates around the business.

  • Set up a ‘wheel of wellness’ to get you through the year with lots of different topics and activities to keep people interested and crying out for more.

  • Set up methods to help spot the signs for poor wellness and how to address them.

  • Set up a communication plan to ensure you reach all employees whether office based or remote.

  • Create access to professional support mechanisms.

  • Embed wellness into your company culture and ensure it’s alive!

  • Don’t forget to have FUN!

  • Measure your success and report your findings!

For more help and support with setting up your wellbeing initiatives, please get in touch at

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